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Community Music Spark blog 27/11/15

Posted on 27 November 2015

Graeme: Today I have been practising my beatbox parts on the loop station for our song. I think it went really well but I need to think about my breathing more, because it affects my timing. It was also a wee bit stuffy.
Prodigy were incredible last night!

Andrew: this morning it took me a while to remember how to lead a game that I have led before a long time ago. I want to lead it in my session for Benton dene school starting in January so between now and then a few weeks rehearsing and getting support and positive feedback from the group will help me lead the game as smooth as a breeze.

John: I learnt my parts for don’t dis my ability, I decided not to play the guiro.

Annisa: I played the synthesiser again, it was awesome! I feel like I’m getting much better at it. Counting up to 8 on each note really helps me.

Marc: today has been a productive day because we were helping Andrew and Graeme prepare for their work in January. I wish them all the best. I know it can be quite nerve wracking going into the world of work, but you will get a great experience out of supporting a professional musician in workshop delivery.
I speak from experience because my sessions with Jane are going great.

Toby: I led a new game called “Wild Animals”. We played it three times, talking about it each time to get it right.
All of we’re singing our song called “Don’t Dis My Ability”, I took pictures of the rehearsal.

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