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Community Music Spark blog 2nd December

Posted on 2 December 2016

Graeme: what…… a…… blast! To work with Beccy Owen. I have listened to her music a few times and she is quite an inspiration. During lunch time I managed to play winter wonderland. Matt thought it was Andrew but then he realised it was me. Really looking forward to doing the chorus in I see the sky, the new song that we came up with today. Over and out Marc.

Marc: Today we had a work shop led by Beccy Owen. I added in a line too the new song that we came up with. I think Becky deserves a pat on the back because she walked into the laughter and humour of music Spark.

Anna: Today is not my day. I had a really great day and I enjoyed hearing different types of music that I have never heard before. The workshop has given me some inspiration.

Kim: I quite liked Beccy. She is a very interesting musician. Her voice in particular was interesting because it was so calming. The piano was very calming. I like how open she was and how laid back she was with singing and talking and playing and everything.

Andrew: I have enjoyed the workshop with Beccy Owen and the song that we created. I also showed her my playing skills on the piano. I played moonlight Sinatra and natural mystic and Sakura. I also played five Christmas songs on the piano too.

Anissa : I like the songs that Beccy Owen songs. I enjoyed the song river. I also enjoyed performing Life saver.

Matthew: This morning was really good with Beccy owen. We listened to her playing on the piano, it was really amazing. After lunch with then wrote a song with Becky’ I see the sky’. We had a discussion about how important it is to use eye contact.

Callum D: I liked how Beccy Owen created a new musical direction for the group. It made me feel like I was on an on going train journey that I have never experienced before. Can’t wait for next week’s session. Hope the next week’s session goes to infinity and beyond.

Callum C : I enjoyed the day with Andrews multiple performances on the piano. I also enjoy the work shop from Beccy Owens.

Community Music Spark is Sage Gateshead’s community music training programme for adults with learning disabilities