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Community Music Spark Blog: 3rd November 2017

Posted on 3 November 2017

Graeme: This afternoon I came in as a robot called Sparky. The guys did really well writing a song with him. Really looking forward to practising keyfund in the next few weeks. We need Ken Masters back.

Toby: I enjoyed doing Sparky the robot. We had to control Sparky to deliver a song writing workshop. We played 60s music for the Music Spark Show.

Callum: Good Afternoon Music Spark show fans. It’s good to be back from the holidays. I enjoyed working with the group on the Keyfund about the movies and enjoyed creating song about the 60s. This is Callum D, over and out.

Marc: This morning I lead the room set up part 2 and I lead the whole thing on my own and I did fantastically well. I hope to continue with this, the more I do it, the more I will get the hang of it.

Mathew: I really enjoyed doing the “how to set up rooms” with mark. Where all the things go, the chairs, the marimba and the piano. This afternoon we continued the keyfund project with Paul and remembering all of the different movie themes. We worked on Graeme’s choice, the groovy 60s.

Anissa: Graeme was a robot called Sparky and we did a song about the 60s. Brian is a really good drummer.

Brian: I really enjoyed this morning, I liked making 60s music, I really enjoyed it. We did keyfund, remembering movies like Jaws, Mission impossible and Pink panther.