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Community Music Spark blog 4th November

Posted on 4 November 2016

Toby : today I liked singing the new song “Music Future” and writing the lyrics all together, it sounded like Nickleback which is my favourite band.

Harry : I really enjoyed leading the game anyone who and I also liked the Good and Bad examples of an exercise, I really enjoyed alligator jaws including “Music Future”

Callum C : I’ve enjoyed doing lyric writing and the new song. I enjoyed the games we did this morning and I also enjoyed my chat with Matt talking about my future.

Anissa : I enjoyed chatting with the lovely, awesome Matt. Work experience, try the cafe.

Anna : I enjoyed Dean tuning my guitar and I liked making a song and I enjoyed my time with Matt.

Callum D : glad to be back with music spark, nice to see everyone. Enjoyed writing new song, music future. Had a good time with the gang, looking forward to next week.

Mathew : it been a good first week back at sage Gateshead. Had a nice chat with Matt talking about song writing and rapping. I enjoyed writing the new song today too.

Kim : I enjoyed the games at the beginner and giving the good and bad examples. Quite enjoyed the chat with Matt. I enjoyed being a CDT for a few seconds. I enjoyed writing the song.

Andrew : I arrived late again this morning, and this morning I walk in to see everyone practising the games and I supported Anna who was leading anyone who. I’ve enjoyed seeing everyone and showing my good and bad examples of how to lead a game. This afternoon we kept on the song writing from the previous session and worked on it today and kept developing. I hope I’m on time next week.

Marc : right, this morning i was otherwise engaged, elsewhere, but when I got here everyone was playing alligator jaws and so I just joined and just got on with it. The afternoon we were working on preparations for the 25th the open day.

Graeme : this morning I went through today’s plan for what where doing today. Then I read out the list of one to ones with Matt. A I did enjoy the music future song writing. Next week it’s going to be remembrance day for all the soldiers, we will have a minutes silence at 11:11.

Community Music Spark is Sage Gateshead’s community music training programme for adults with learning disabilities. For more info click here.