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Community Music Spark Diary 18 January

Posted on 18 January 2013

Community Music Spark is Sage Gateshead’s community music training programme for adults with learning disabilities. They’re also regular contributors to Sage Gateshead blog. For more details visit the Community Music Spark page


John: Today was fantastic! PRS inclusion joined us for the first time this year.

Graeme: We delivered a modified version of “Nosey Parker” (an ice breaker game where you get to know your partner and then introduce them to the rest of the group), called “Nosey Sparker”. It’s different because we use the answers to spark ideas (hence the name) and write them on to a word wall.

Matt: Our fun was cut short due to weather warnings and we had the drama of making sure everyone was able to leave safely! (typically, the sun came out once we made the decision to end the session!)

Mel: Snow snow snow : (

Matt: Snow fun.

Graeme: snoooooooooooooooow!!!

The team will return next week.