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CoMusica MC Session Review

Posted on 29 June 2017

WHEN?: 13/5/2017
WHAT WAS INVOLVED?: The event I attended was a MC and DJ session, where young mc’s and djs meet up to share their music and skills. The type of music they play is makina, which is a genre of rave/dance music.

Makina music comes from Spain and it typifed by bouncy beats, fast vocals, melodic rhythms and is usally accompanied by an MC. The job of the MC is to ‘inform’ and control the crowd/dj on what is happening. They use key phrases and will also perform their own lyrics, which either tell a story or engage/hype the crowd.

The session was informal and their was about 10-15 participants aged between 15 to 20 years old, there was a mixture of boys and girls in the event. The event had a loose structure where MCs performed as and when they choose. Typically most MCs perform a 20 mins set with a DJ and then they swap over to a new MC and DJ.

I attended as a participant, so when it was my turn I performed with DJ ADS. I did a 25 min set with about 10 people in the audience. It is a small space so it felt really busy. It was good becuase when I perform, it relaxes me and I can express myself. It also builds my confidence when I perform infront of others and I get feedback on my lyrics and style.

If I could make some suggestions of improvement, it would be good if there was a time limit and running order. Some people go on too long and do not share with the others. If there was a running order it may make it easier for everyone to get a go. It could also be more advertised so more people come and take part.

I would recommend this event because it is a great place to try mc-ing, practice your skills, and develop confidence. You also make new friends and its alot of fun. I recently told my cousin about this session, and he also attended.

This is a FREE event for young people and places/event like this are very important and needed for young people. There are not many places that welcome and allow this style of music and it is a place where we can be ourselves, be safe and be creative.

I would highly recommend this event and I will definetly go again.

Rian Alldred
Age 16

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