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Five Minutes with: Jane Nossek, Sub-Principal, First Violin with Northern Sinfonia

Posted on 4 July 2012

How did your very first audition go?
To be totally honest I don’t remember my very first audition, though I really remember my Sinfonia audition- I was really nervous as Gabs [husband, Gabriel Waite -Sub-Principal, Cello] already had a job here and I was trying so hard not to muck it up!!

When and where was the first time you performed with Northern Sinfonia?
My first time at Sinfonia was some time in 1995 as a freelance. I stayed with Iona [Iona Brown
Principal, 1st Violin] and had a hoot.

What is your most memorable concert? (either playing or listening)
Playing Mahler’s 6th Symphony in the Proms with the National Youth Orchestra.

Who or what inspires you as a musician?
I love listening to all the solos played by colleagues at work. Without a doubt, Thomas Zehetmair is also a huge inspiration.

What’s your favourite venue to perform in?
I always enjoy chamber music in Sage Two at The Sage.

What’s the highlight of your job?
Everyone in the orchestra playing their socks off in Thomas’ concerts.

What are the pros and cons of playing in a chamber orchestra as opposed to a symphony orchestra?
The best points as a string player are that I can hear myself and also I get to play chamber music in a chamber orchestra.

How much time per week, is spent practising at home, rather than in Sinfonia rehearsals, and how does this fit in with your home life?
I don’t have much time at home to practise as we have two children of pre-school age. However, I squeeze in as much as is possible and do as much in breaks when I’m at work as I can manage!! There’s never quite enough time…

Who’s your favourite conductor that you’ve worked with at Northern Sinfonia, and why?
Thomas!! I just love his level of commitment to rehearsals and concerts and his inability to compromise. His expectations are very high and sometimes we get close to something very special with him.

Better with or without conductor?
Without if the conductor’s average or worse!!

What’s on your iPod?
I don’t have one!!!!

Tell us an advantage of living and working in the North East?
I live close to work and I work in the Sage, an amazing building, most of my working days. Hooray!!

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