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Folkestra in Chicago - Video Blog day 2

Posted on 10 April 2014

Day 2

This morning we got the ‘L’ train (which you may have seen on ER!) to the Old Town School for a fantastic welcome reception, where everyone was incredibly friendly. As Folkestra do, they spontaneously burst into tunes to the delight of all the lovely Old Town staff there to welcome us (with lots of muffins to go around as well). We were shown round the wonderful School, including a good browse of the music shop (too many cool banjos on display for our Bertie to contain himself!) and a good look round their fantastic and extensive library.

After lunch, Folkestra had a good rehearsal in preparation for Fridays concert then headed straight to a workshop with the Old Towns executive director Bau Graves. After an brilliantly intense sight reading workshop, in which Folkestra had the chance to experience playing 20s Rag Music, it was straight into another jam/tune sharing session with fiddle tutor Paul Tyler (with accordions and banjos going off to specialist instrument workshops). After the workshops, everyone came together in a brilliant session, where the musicians were challenged to play their instruments in ways they never had before.

The day ended on a high- despite the jet lag, after hours of wonderful music.