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Folkestra in Chicago - Video Blog day 4

Posted on 12 April 2014

Day 4

Well. Friday, huh. Of all the phrases that spring to mind, oh-my-God-Lake-Michigan-is-cold is pretty eminent. It’s really quite hard to concentrate on recounting concerts and ceilidhs and sessions with the image of Neil’s rippling torso, drenched in the liquid essence of Chicago, emerging from the water, victorious and having retrieved his glasses, very much permanently imprinted in our subconscious.

Passers by stopping and staring at this true underworld cult hero, this marvel of a superman, as he violently shivering his way out of what he’d imagined would be a quick cool dip. Anyway, back to what actually happened. A tense start to the day after what has come to be known as Bacongate, Baconmageddon, the Baconlands crisis. We won’t go into details as the memories are still too scarring, but suffice to say with the peacekeeping efforts of chefs Michael and Jacob, all former tranquility of group sentiment was restored.

Meanwhile, bacon and swimming aside, we still had to work out a set list for a two hour ceilidh/performance at the Old Town School. The Chicago train going populous now have a much wider education with regards to Folkestra’s set lists, Matthew’s singing and what Ethan looks like when he’s sleeping with certain phrases etched on to his forehead. Whether they wanted this knowledge we can’t tell, but we had the concert planned by the time we arrived, and it was gleaming and wearing swimming trunks. Sorry, I’m thinking about Neil again.

The whole concert ran absolutely smoothly as always, but if you forget the blatant deliberate mistakes and a couple of hasty eyebrow conversations during tunes, it was a triumph and gloriously received. Special note goes to Matthew’s genuinely brilliant calling, Jacob’s inability to remember what instrument he should be playing, Eryn’s slouching and the small child who followed us around for half an hour afterwards claiming to be our fan club.

Congratulations everyone and a well deserved night of pool, further bacon controversy, and of course Neil. Until tomorrow.
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