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Folkestra in Chicago - Video Blog day 6

Posted on 14 April 2014

Day 6

Well, the day started with a lie in (That’s a first.)! Unfortunately there was no cooked breakfast so we had to deal with the horrors of croissants, bagels, fruit and more bagels- terrible I know!

We had a final train journey to the Old Town School of Folk Music and once at the school we met up with their youth band aged around 6-11 who were all very confident and friendly! We ended up swapping tunes and songs from each cultures such as the Northumbrian Keel Row (we had to explain what the lyrics meant as I’m not sure that they knew what a keel was)! Folkestra were lucky enough to hear a song from the All Stars band that involved a tale about a very sinister cat! We were then treated to their tune and I’m pretty sure that next years set will involve bow tapping!

After tea of fish and chips and English breakfasts (some of us did get our cooked breakfasts after all) we made our way for a casual concert and a session (or a jam depending from where you’re from)! The concert went brilliantly and the session was good too with Jane teaching everyone a rant step and teaching the Americans Rusty Gulley (we had to explain what a gulley was too)!

It’s just a shame we’re going home tomorrow!

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