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GIJF 2012 - Chris Sharkey on the Sharkestra

Posted on 6 March 2012

With things gearing up for a customarily mammoth feast of Jazz at Gateshead International Jazz Festival, we’ve caught up with Chris Sharkey, the Gateshead-born guitar wizard who will lead the Sharkestra at the Greater North Jazz Showcase on the 24th March.

Well, what can I say?! My head is literally spinning after 3 incredible sessions working with The Sharkestra.
The energy, openness and commitment of these fantastic young players has been inspirational and energising.Over the last 3 weeks we have played, explored, improvised, conducted, written and laughed our way through a process of discovery that will lead up to our performance at the jazz festival next month. Our remaining session will bring all of these elements together into the creation of a form to the concert…Or will it? Perhaps we’ll end up marching around the room in a New Orleans second line style? Or taking on the musical persona of various animals? Or describing members of the band through improvisation? Or having a battle between 2 opposing halves of the ensemble? Or writing a song? You get the picture…whatever we do I’m sure of this: Our concert will be like nothing you’ve seen or heard before and I can’t wait! See you at the show and never stop playing! sharkey x

Here’s what Emma from the ensemble had to say:

Sharkestra has allowed me to experience playing new and different styles of music with really talented musicians. I have thoroughly enjoyed it and look forward to the performance! Thank you Chris Sharkey!

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