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Green Team Adventures: December 2012

Posted on 4 December 2012

Sage Gateshead’s Green Team is a cross-departmental team that cuts right across the organisation, which meet regularly and is committed to reducing the environmental impact of all we do. For more information, visit our Environmental Policy page.

Words from the Green Team

Greetings, planet fans. Lots has been going on in Green Team land this month – here’s a round up.

Green Xmas tree

Paul Marshall from the Green Team, ably assisted by Building Services colleagues, has struck seasonal green gold with his latest creation, which you might have spotted on the East side of the concourse near the shop. A recycled bottle Christmas tree !

First we collected a load of empty plastic bottles from staff members :

Then Paul got his ‘creative’ on.

And after a bit of work, the finished product:

Did you know?

The first Monday of every month is our voluntary No Lift Day. Staff and visitors to the building are encouraged to take the stairs where possible to save electricity – the motors used to drive lifts use a considerable amount of energy!

Don’t forget!

You can travel free to and from Sage Gateshead on the Metro with your concert ticket – within two hours of the beginning or end of the concert.

A little inspiration until next time

This fellow made a decent sounding bass from a tin can, old strings, and a length of wood (OK, the pickup was premade!)