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Music in the Workplace

Posted on 16 April 2012

Music in the workplace breaks down barriers between departments, builds a sense of community and add fun to the working week.

For the last four months, 30 Sage UK (i.e. the software company based in Newcastle) staff have been getting together each week to learn and sing a range of songs working to a performance at Sage Gateshead later in April – all supported and lead by our Vocal Strand Leader Sharon Durant. We’ve been catching up with some of the singers in the choir, starting with Becky Hackett:

I was part of my school choir many, many years ago – however, since then my singing has been strictly confined to the car as I caterwaul along to the radio with only my 2 children as the begrudging audience…. When the opportunity arose at work, my initial reaction was ‘What a great idea, I’d love to’ followed by absolute fear and apprehension. ‘I can’t sing along with people whom I don’t know. What on earth will they think of me?’ The first trip was nerve wracking, I didn’t know what to expect. One hour later I, along with 30 others emerged from the room unscathed. I felt so invigorated! Who’d have thought? It was a fantastic feeling to have been in a room with people whose faces I may have vaguely recognised, feeling very vulnerable to start with yet so part of a team so very quickly. We were all in the same boat you see, each as nervous as each other. I now find myself singing as I go about my day to day work unafraid who will hear or what people think. It’s infectious. I love it! I’m riding high on confidence as I come out of our practice feeling like I can take on the world. Sharon, the master of all choir masters, puts Gareth Malone to shame. She is amazing and manages to calm and enthuse us all in equal measure. If the choir ever ends, which I sincerely hope it doesn’t, I will most definitely seek out somewhere else I can to continue my new found hobby. Becky Hackett, Sage UK workplace choir member

“They are a lovely group. What I like about it is that someone could be a managing director or an admin assistant and I wouldn’t know – they are all on an equal playing field in the choir.” Sharon Durant, Vocal Strand Leader

“At Sage Gateshead, we know that taking part in music making – whether it is singing, drumming or ukulele playing – is good for you. Music making as part of a group not only improves personal health and wellbeing, but also can have beneficial effects for organisations and their staff. Our popular Music in the Workplace sessions give people the opportunity to share an experience, and work towards a shared goal together, with colleagues they may rarely see at other times”. – Paul Devlin, Professional Learning Manager

You can catch a performance from this choir on the Concourse on 20th April at 6.30pm.

More details about our Music in the Workplace programme.

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