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Project Choice : Lucy's diary part Two

Posted on 26 January 2014

Strong Voices are supporting young people aged 13-19 (and those up to 25 who have special educational needs) into high quality work placements. This is the continuing work diary of Lucy Pearson, who is working with our Housekeeping team over the coming months.

Monday 13th January
Today I worked with Kath in the MEC. I did some hoovering, cleaned pianos, did some damp dusting then I worked with Kath in the toilets. I cleaned sinks and checked soap dispensers. Kath was impressed that I had checked. Sylvia took me round the building and was asking me questions about the things I was told last week. I remembered about the fire procedures and where to go, also I have been learning a bit more about how to get to places in the building.

I feel more comfortable around people as I feel like I am part of the team

Wednesday 15th January
Ken showed me the sit and ride sweeper. I sat on it and drove round the levels. Ken was very pleased with my progress. He will let me have another turn!
Eddie came in at 1 o clock for the afternoon shift and I worked with him replenishing the toilets around the building.

Thursday 16th January
We went to stock room to see what we needed to order for the coming weeks. We wrote a list of all of what we needed and then rang Thomas Owen with the order.

Friday 17th January
I went to building services with John and helped him hoover the workshop area.
I have transferred my entire file onto a memory stick including photographs from Caroline’s phone! More photos soon.

Wednesday 22nd January
I was helping to show Sylvia how to transfer files from her phone to the computer desktop. I sent three emails, 1, to take names off housekeeping signing in book at security. 2, to send a stock order to resource, and 3, to Dean, thanking him for the parcel he sent.

I get along well with everyone, I join in with the conversations, I put the kettle on, check emails, etc.

Thursday 23rd January
This morning I worked with Sylvia and Caroline who were doing their monthly audits, we did 4 audits. We checked for dust on tops of partitions and doors, toilet basins and sinks for grime. Also checked was skirting boards, notice boards, anywhere dust may gather.
After break I worked with Caroline to clear up the mess that building service men made after they were putting up new signs.

I like that anyone can access the building for different reasons and that everyone at Sage Gateshead is very friendly

Friday 24th January
Charlie from project choice came in to see how I was getting on. She spoke to myself and Sylvia and was quite pleased with my progress. John showed me how to use the pink paste on the sinks, to get the brown marks off. I went on the sweeper and did a whole level, Adam was advising me.

Project Choice and Sage Gateshead work in partnership already through a grant from Newcastle Children with Disabilities team – find more about it here. Strong Voices are delighted to also support this scheme by providing young people with SEND with a Level 2 placement