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Project Choice second cohort - Week One

Posted on 7 January 2014

Three young people have been spending each Tuesday morning at Sage Gateshead as part of Project Choice, an NHS initiated work placement scheme hosted by Sage Gateshead’s Accessible Learning Programme. Project Choice offers young people with Special Education Needs and Disability a variety of work based opportunities in a safe environment over a period of six weeks. We caught up with the team as they explored the building and met some of the staff.

Lez will be working in Housekeeping with the Resource Site Supervisor, Sylvia Murphy. Tracey is going to be working with Viv Carr from the Customer Experience Team and Sarah is going to be working with Jane Strachan from the Customer Experience Team. All three students are from the Sir Charles Parsons school.

Week One

Today was the first morning of our placement and we met who we were going to be working with and we had a tour of the building. Jane has been working at Sage Gateshead for 9 years and knows a lot about the building . We learnt some interesting things and in Hall 2 we saw the lift going down. It was amazing. At the end we filled in our work diaries and discussed what we are going to do next week.

Lez: “My favorite thing this morning was seeing the lift in Hall 2.”
Tracey: “I liked seeing the lift in Sage Two and seeing the “secret places” around the building , like the dressing rooms.”
Sarah: “ My favorite bit was watching the lift going down in Hall 2 . It was very very big. “