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Project Choice: week two

Posted on 12 November 2013

This week, Bliss Christopher and Chris Minnis from Marketing and Communications visited the team. Bliss showed Alan how to restock all the brochures and Chris spoke to Keaton about creating a blog. Keaton, Isaac and Alan did some work at Welcome Desk, and stood on the door to take tickets for an Early Years session. Alan took part in an impromptu ukulele session!

“That elderly couple, they were canny. They were looking for the cafe and I personally took them there.” “I had an interesting encounter with a chair.” Keaton

We learnt that Isaac is in a band! He plays guitar, drums and sings. “I had a refreshment, met other members of housekeeping and shared a refreshment with them.” “I hoovered with John in Building Services, mopping and cleaning and cleaning tables and my favourite thing was the hoovering.” Isaac

Alan worked with Bliss from Marketing to load up expired leaflets for recycling – then refilled the stands. He worked very hard and learned about safely loading a trolley and our recycling systems. To cap things off, Jane busted out a tune or two on the uke! “My favourite thing was Jane playing the ukulele” Alan

More posts from the team coming soon as they continue their six week placement.

What is Project Choice?

Project Choice is an NHS initiated work placement scheme hosted by Sage Gateshead’s Accessible Learning Programme. The scheme offers young people with Special Education Needs and Disability a variety of work based opportunities in a safe environment over a period of six weeks

For more information about the Accessible Learning Strand at Sage Gateshead, click here.

Project Choice is part of Sage Gateshead Accessible Learning Strand’s Music Connect Project. It is funded by Newcastle Children with Disabilities Team and overseen by Gateshead College.