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Quay Voices in Canada - Day Five

Posted on 24 February 2014

Our youth choir Quay Voices is in Banff, Canada! They have been transmitting their experiences back to us all week. Here’s their latest blog post!

Today’s blog has been written by Seb, Quay Voices Member.

As today was our final day recording and patching for the CD we started at an earlier time of 8.30 to perfect our already stunning set of recordings, rehearsing for and performing in a concert at the Rolston Hall in the evening, which went swimmingly well.

The audience was highly receptive and even joined in with one of our better known Canadian folk tunes, Barrett’s Privateers, singing along and having a bit of a jive, whilst the choir were, if I may say so myself, BEAUTIFUL. Some stunning solos and pitch perfect choral singing which I loved being part of.

Personally, my favourite tune, as all the lads will agree, was Frobisher Bay, which we recorded in an atmospheric setting out in the woods upon rocks whilst the snow fell around like sawdust from a lumberjack’s chainsaw. To complete the macho Canadian whaler scene, us lads did our music video shoot in t-shirts in the refreshing -15*C temperatures.

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