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Quay Voices in Canada - Day Four

Posted on 21 February 2014

Our superb youth choir Quay Voices are in Banff, Canada – and the recording light is on! Using HANDHELD VIDEO EDITING SUPER-TECHNOLOGY, they have been transmitting their experiences back to us in some great blog/video posts! Here’s day four, featuring an elk:

Today’s blog has been written by our student accompanist, Michael Biggins.

Being invited along to Canada to be the official accompanist of Quay Voices is definitely something I didn’t expect at 9am on a Sunday morning! Accompanying anybody is a rare thing to do as a young musician never mind a full choir of fantastic singers, so to come all the way to Banff for one of my first accompanying experiences is something I was very excited about!

Working with a choir is very different to playing solo piano repertoire and I’ve had to get used to following Matt the conductor and reading music at first sight.
Recording a CD is stressful enough with just one or two people never mind a full choir and it is a great feeling after several takes when the song is finally finished and needs no further work.

After a long day of recording there’s nothing better than enjoying the great food at the restaurant and sitting in the hot tub!

Today I had the opportunity to have a masterclass with Angela Turner – Piano lecturer and concert pianist at Queensland Conservatoire in Australia, who is working at the Banff Centre as a collaborative pianist. It was great experience and I learnt different and interesting approaches to learning a new piece.

Michael Biggins, Accompanist


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