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Quay Voices in Canada - Day Three

Posted on 20 February 2014

Quay Voices continue their Canadian quest – and report back using their MOBILE COMPUTERISED COMMUNICATION SYSTEM to send back their video. Looks like fun!

Quay Voices Day 3

Today started on a good note as everyone was in high spirits for the days rehearsing and recording. We started off with a (fairly) large breakfast and went for the rehearsal at nine am, and went through a lot of repertoire mostly focused on “Water of Tyne” and “The Keel Row” which are both Geordie folk songs.

After a hard few hours of recording and rehearsing we broke for lunch and a visit down to the town of Banff, where a large majority of the group went and visited the local gift shops on the main street.

During this time our folk musician Tristan recorded a couple of his tracks with Michael, these were “The three trumpeters waltz” and “Going to the Mine”, which will be included on the album.

The afternoon session started off on “When The Boat Comes in” and then went back onto “Water Of Tyne” due to its length and we couldn’t do it all in one sitting! However by the end of the session we got it through it with a high standard of professionalism.

Joel Harrison, Quay Voices Member

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