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Shotton Hall Bloggers return!

Posted on 28 October 2013

Background to the Shotton Hall Youth Leadership project
A group of eight school pupils from Shotton Hall Academy in Peterlee are spending their Friday mornings at Sage Gateshead this half term. They are working with experienced community musicians Jim Montague and Wendy Doyle on activities which develop their confidence. In their first session, the year 7 pupils have been interviewing staff members and finding out what it’s like to learn and work at Sage Gateshead.

Lauren writes:

“Last week at my school I did something I thought I would never do due to nerves, but I did what I was supposed to do! Me and my friends role was to interview year 11’s about the school and GCSE’s and other topics including school dinners and what it’s like to be in year 7. I felt really scared and I think most of us were, but that didn’t stop us. We went ahead and did it. Now that I’ve done it I feel happy and glad!”

More information

This week the Year 8 Shotton Hall pupils completed a big challenge: at morning break they went into the main gathering area of their school wearing their youth leadership t-shirts and roving reporter I.D. badges to interview fellow pupils at random. The activity was a great opportunity for the young people to practice their developing communication skills. They had agreed on three topics of interest: transition into year 7, school dinners and reflections of year 11’s approaching GCSE’s; and they had pre-prepared questions. Some young people were nervous beforehand and others were calm, but regardless of how they felt everyone worked together to complete the task in style!