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The Music Spark team are back!

Posted on 14 October 2016

Community Music Spark is our groundbreaking community music training programme for young people and adults with learning disabilities.

Before we had our first session back – on Sunday 18th September in the afternoon myself, Graeme and Matt attended the workshop ran by Billy Saga and other musicians creating and recording music with different sounds and rhythms using different instruments which were used in the evening performance. Also we were reunited with our old boss – Michael Dollan!! It was great to see him again.

I announced on Facebook about Community Music Spark returning to Sage Gateshead on Fridays after a lengthy summer break and are looking ahead to the next chapter of the Music Spark journey . I feel very excited about us coming back together as a team after the summer holidays and more excited about the work coming in. Planning more workshops, shows and events throughout the rest of this year and through next year, including The Music Spark Show 2017!! The Advanced Trainees are not with us this week but they will start with us next week.

Today is our first Friday session back and it was great to see everybody again. This morning myself, Graeme and Matt went up to The Barbour Room (not for a haircut or to have my beard trimmed) to take part in the CoMusica Inclusion partners day and we explained to partners about the work we did so far, including Arts Award and planning, running and leading the workshops to the children at three schools.

We also recruited a new member called Alice from Leeds University, who is on work experience with us every Friday throughout this year and next year. Welcome to the CMS Team Alice!

While myself, Matt and Graeme were in The Barbour Room, the other CMS members were downstairs in the MEC recapping on how to lead games including Fruit Salad and Alligator Jaws.

Then we looked at different roles and responsibilities for each member of the CMS Crew, using a flipchart – Trainees, Advanced Trainees, Volunteers, Project Musicians, Work Experience and Participants. My suggestions to add to that list are Guests and Visitors.

Marc arrived to join us at lunchtime and the afternoon session because he was doing a project with the Twisting Ducks throughout the morning.

This afternoon a man called Paul, known as “P”, came in to talk with us about Arts Award. He talked with us about how people with autism can become artists and be creative with arts and music. For the rest of the afternoon we had a jam session. I played on the piano to our workshop template song – Tell Show Do and our CMS message – Don’t Dis My Ability. Overall I felt the first day back to see and work with everybody in the CMS team has risen the bar to a new level of confidence and to meet new goals along the way.