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Young Sinfonia in Singapore - day two

Posted on 30 October 2012

Hannah and Katherine from Young Sinfonia keep us posted as the Young Sinfonia residency in Singapore continues…

10.30pm, Tuesday. Waking up at 8am is always refreshing, especially when you’re jetlagged and sleep deprived. Breakfast, however, made it all better with the amazingly delicious green and orange coconut and all the other glorious food. After rather quickly getting on the bus, we finally made it to rehearsal, which began at 9.36am. Lunch came after that, introducing us to the various cultural food. Hastily getting on the bus, we made it to our “Introduction to the Orchestra” concert, performing to children aged 7-9 years, who seemed to be greatly enjoying our playing and demonstrations.

After that, it was back to another rehearsal, this time joined by the school orchestra. We got to meet lots of great new people and found out more about their school life and the sea during our break. When we were done, that was the ending to our rehearsals for the day. A few hours later, we all went out to eat (at the Indian Palace) and got to experience the beautiful sights of Singapore at night. Returning to the hotel, half of us collapsed into our fabulous beds, while the others chilled and relaxed. What a great first day!

Young Sinfonia will be posting all week about their musical adventures… stay tuned!

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