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Make your very own 'Cake of the Week'

Posted on 17 March 2014

At Sage Gateshead, we are extremely proud of our range of home-baked items and the efforts of our chefs to ensure our visitors always have an exciting selection of treats to choose from; including cakes, cookies, muffins and more, freshly baked to perfection every day.

To celebrate our range of homemade treats, our Pastry Chef, Anthony Wright, is publishing his ‘Cake of the Week’ on recipe cards to take away from the café to try for yourselves.

Working in catering since he was 16, Anthony has been responsible for producing stunning celebration cakes at the Sage Gateshead and the annual EAT Festival.

Always striving for innovation, his own unique twists on classic recipes can be found on the Cake of the Week cards, which have included lemon and poppy seed and a classic carrot cake in recent weeks.

Our Cake of the Week and many more delicious homemade treats are available to buy, freshly baked every day, from the newly renovated Sir Michael Straker Café.

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